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First Launch of 2020 Delivers New Functionality for Your Workload Automation Environment

We’re pleased to announce our 2020 Winter Release which includes new features in the Tidal Automation platform, additional integrations, the first service pack for Tidal Explorer and our official launch of the Tidal Repository product. Download the announcement (PDF) or read some of the major highlights for the Tidal portfolio below.

Tidal Automation v6.5.4

We continue to add to our set of advanced scheduling constructs to increase efficiency and accomplish more with job definitions:

Tags are a popular organization mechanism in many applications so we’ve added tagging functionality to the platform so users can organize and structure job or job group definitions with tags they define.

New Integrations

Our comprehensive library of integrations with today’s popular business applications continues to grow with these latest Tidal Automation Adapters for:

Tidal Explorer v3.0.1

This is the first service pack for Explorer since its General Availability last Fall. Designed for Administrators and power users, Explorer offers visualization and comparison capabilities to better understand schedules, calendars and jobs.

Tidal Repository™ v1.1.0

Repository was made available last Fall in Early Access mode. We received good feedback to make some significant improvements. This product is the successor to Transporter which functions basically as a pipe to move data from one Tidal instance to another. The Repository application offers advanced capabilities for storing, organizing, versioning, sharing and using job data across multiple Tidal instances. It supports best practices for change management as well as Development CI/CD efforts.


Stay tuned for our next release scheduled for July.