Technology Company Success Story

A fast, cost-efficient migration to a single scalable enterprise platform from multiple fragmented tools.
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The Challenge

This worldwide technology company was burdened with separate job schedulers that created incomplete fragmented controls, required significant user training and support, and couldn’t support an end-to-end workload process. One scheduler was managed by an application team with its own instance running on its own server. The other, dedicated to SAP-related workflows, was managed by IT.  This fragmentation was creating a competitive disadvantage. The mandate to resolve this issue? Standardize job scheduling across the enterprise. Move to a platform with the foundation for client self-service. Accelerate the design and automation of end-to-end workflows.

The Solution

The enterprise has achieved end-to-end workload automation leveraging the Tidal Automation™ platform for centralized command-and-control. The deployment includes pre-built integrations for Informatica, SAP, Oracle, and Hadoop.

The Bottom Line

The enterprise can now design and automate enterprise-wide workflows that are creating new opportunities to help the business meet its mission. The company has also dramatically simplified IT operations and reduced operational overhead, such as diminishing the need to train new automation users. It has accelerated execution with fewer errors due to Tidal’s informative alerts and the ability to restart jobs from any stage in the workflow.