Market Intelligence Firm – Customer Success Story

Retailers. Suppliers. Dealers. Wall Street and other stakeholders. They all rely on this Market Intelligence Company to help enlighten – and de-risk – the critical business decisions that fuel their success.

Insight that drives retail and moves markets.

This industry-leading Market Intelligence Company is delivering critical insight to its clients about what’s working and what could work better.

Add to CartThe company’s analytics engine helps empower one of today’s largest retail and manufacturing ecosystems. The fee-based service aggregates, appends, enhances, analyzes, and activates transaction data from around the world, turning it into competitive intelligence to help executives make informed decisions on supply chain, manufacturing, purchasing, pricing, incentive spending, and placement. The analytics engine turns data into insight.

And the Tidal Automation™ platform keeps this engine running at peak performance.

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Market intelligence. You either have it or you need it.

The Market Intelligence Company provides real-time information and decision-support services based on the daily collection and analysis of retail transaction data from thousands of franchises worldwide. Details from these transactions are evaluated to generate information that captures key measures, including price, cost, profit, finance, lease, and trade-in values. This information is vital to decision-makers seeking to optimize their next moves in the retail ecosystem.

The Director of Data Warehouse leads the data team. Explains the Director, “We gather raw incoming transactional data from dealers around the world, do advanced modeling, and use BI tools to analyze and turn that data into meaningful information. This is a 24×7 process and our clients expect nothing less than 100% accurate, 100% relevant market intelligence to help guide their decision-making.” To automate the entire workflow – from aggregating and augmenting the data to analyzing and turning it into insight – the company relies on the Tidal workload automation solution.

“Tidal is like the conductor of an orchestra,” says the Director. “It orchestrates our data workflows across multiple platforms, systems, and applications, monitoring all of the interdependencies and making sure every step of the data into- insight process is operating seamlessly.”

News reports

A trusted source of information

Whether it’s a news bulletin from CNBC, a credit card report from U.S. News and World Report, or countless other ongoing media engagements, this market intelligence company is a continuously trusted source of information about what’s happening and why.

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Quote StartTidal helps drive the business output that drives our revenue and margins. It’s the 24x7 heartbeat of the operation. If that isn’t mission-critical, what is?Quote End

Director, Data Warehouse

Managing all key interdependencies behind the scenes.

Tidal’s ability to transparently manage complex interdependencies within cross-platform environments – linking data streams, data warehousing, data marts, BI tools, and reporting applications together in a seamless workflow – is vital to the Market Intelligence Company data team. Tidal keeps it all running smoothly across workflows that encompass FTP, Oracle, SQL, Informatica, Microstrategy, Java, and various shell and file scripts.

“The best thing about Tidal? It just runs and runs on its own, flawlessly, monitoring and managing all of the interdependencies across our apps and systems. We only hear from it when it tells us there is a problem,” says the Data Warehouse Architect. If something does go amiss – such as certain incoming data streams from dealers not getting delivered on schedule, which could lead to inaccurate output – then Tidal automatically raises its hands, stops the process, and sends instant alerts to all key stakeholders. Using Tidal, the data team can quickly diagnose and resolve the issue and get the process back on track.

Delivering the insight that today’s retail executives expect. Tidal is automating the company’s entire data-into-insight process:

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Quote StartTidal has quickly become our company’s go-to automation tool. Anything that needs to be automated, the IT team has learned to turn to Tidal first.Quote End

Data Warehouse Architect

The advantages of enterprise-class automation.

Automating processes that run both on-premise and in the cloud, the enterprise-class Tidal Automation™ platform is mission-critical to the company’s entire data operation.

To the cloud and beyond

On the horizon, the data team will continue to migrate key systems and applications to the cloud, an ongoing journey with a promising forward vision. Tidal is poised to play a key role in this transition. “Tidal is well positioned to help de-risk our migration to the cloud,” says the Director of Data Warehouse. “We’ll be exploring opportunities to leverage Tidal as a hybrid automation solution across both on-prem and cloud – an enterprise-class tool that bridges all worlds. We’re excited about the possibilities associated with Tidal automation in the cloud.”