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Timely, accurate business intelligence makes all of the difference in the world.
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EMA Radar Report for Workload Automation

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The Challenge

To maintain its market domination, this global leader in digital interactive entertainment needed access to timely, accurate business intelligence (BI) about its products, sales, customers, and finance. The mandate for the IT team? Deliver more relevant information faster to the business. Decrease time and staff involvement in routine data processing. Free up IT staff to support other strategic business initiatives.

The Solution

The company is using the Tidal Automation™ platform, along with Tidal’s pre-built Informatica integration, to orchestrate an end-to-end global ETL automation process aggregating multiple data streams and turning them into game-changing insight.

The Bottom Line

The firm’s business leaders consistently receive timely, accurate business intelligence for informed decision-making. BI delivery speed and accuracy have improved due to a simplified, error-free ETL process automated by Tidal. Greater control of the BI process makes it easy to scale at will, with faster response to the shifting needs of the business. Tidal has also helped to free up the IT team to focus on other strategic initiatives for the firm.