Cloud Automation and Orchestration

Tidal is the perfect companion on your journey to the hybrid, multi-cloud world.
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EMA Radar Report for Workload Automation

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There Isn’t Just One Cloud

There are endless cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid variations – and Tidal can orchestrate your workloads in all of them. The key is to carefully manage the interconnections and interdependencies between applications, systems, middleware, and platforms as you shift from on-prem to cloud to hybrid and multi-cloud environments.  We can make sure the orchestration is precise and your business workloads are executed flawlessly, without surprises or pitfalls.

Amazon Web Services. Microsoft Azure. Google Cloud. Oracle Cloud. IBM Bluemix. Private Clouds. Hybrid. Legacy On-Prem.

Use whatever you want, in whatever combination you want, on your journey to digital transformation. Tidal is with you every step of the way.

4 benefits of the hybrid, multi-cloud world.

Cost Savings

Lower costs associated with "pay as you go" compute, storage, and network resources. CapEx swapped for OpEx. Reduced in-house IT overhead. SaaS and other models that can reduce your license costs.

On-Demand Scalability

Ability to spin IT resources up and down at will to meet changing business needs. Smoother scaling of increased workloads. Reduced risk and improved alignment between IT and the business.

Faster Prototying and T2M

Faster time-to-value for prototyping and getting new applications and business processes to market. No more hosting issues. Just prototype in the cloud and go.

Improved Security

More comprehensive security measures vs. conventional on-prem. Unique protections, safeguards, and resilience inherent in the cloud so everyone sleeps better at night.