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No scripting required and a super-fast implementation – faster time-to-value for your business workloads!
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Tidal Makes the Complex, Simple

Tidal offers complete command-and-control over all business processes and workloads in a friendly interface that’s surprisingly easy to learn and use. Our intuitive browser-based and Java user interfaces support all aspects of both time- and event-based automation – definition, management, and optimization – without the need for human intervention, customization of existing tools, or knowledge of new scripting languages. 

Single easy-to-use console

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From a single easy-to-use console, you can view and manage workloads for past, current, and future job runs in real time, allowing disparate systems to be centrally-managed without scripts. What’s more, Tidal’s convenient Business Views allow you to build, monitor, and manage your workloads graphically.

Need for Speed

Friendly. Intuitive. Uncluttered. With an interface as easy-to-learn as Tidal – and a deployment that is x-times faster than the competition – you're assured of delivering what the business requires. Which is rapid time-to-value for critical workloads and processes.

Centralized Command and Control

Tidal gives you a single view over all business processes and the jobs that comprise them. You can centrally schedule, automate, and manage workloads and processes across an unparalleled diverse mix of systems, databases, middleware, and applications – all from one environment.

Tidal Business ViewsBusiness Views by Tidal

Building, monitoring, and managing workloads that align with the needs of the business – this is the heart of the automation challenge. Tidal’s Business Views can help you quickly understand how specific workflow tasks relate to an overall business process. These views graphically display the tasks included in a business process, their dependencies, and their status, so you can:

Tidal Workload Automation MobileMobile Features and Flexibility

The Tidal Automation Mobile app for iPhone gives you on-the-fly management and control of the most common commands in your Tidal system. Our mobile management capabilities let you filter and view adapter and agent connections, jobs, alerts and events. You can easily manage override, hold-and-stop and release-and-resume commands as well as schedules, queues and logs.

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Quote StartWe liked was how easy the solution was to configure and use. Admins can visually create job workflows that span applications and systems without having to write scripts. Scheduling jobs for any application and platform was a key selling point for us.Quote End

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