A Smooth Ride with Tidal

From legacy systems to next-gen technology, Tidal seamlessly orchestrates today's complex interdependencies between disparate platforms, applications, middleware, and systems.
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EMA Radar Report for Workload Automation

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Agility that sets us apart

Tidal combines best-in-class automation functionality with a broad library of pre-built enterprise integrations including Container Support. We simplify and accelerate the creation of job streams – you can easily define and manage infinite variations of dependencies upon which your business processes depend. And integrate any applications, middleware, or systems you need to get the job done.

Heterogenenous Environments

SAP, Oracle, Informatica, SQL, PeopleSoft, HP Operations Manager, Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), IBM z/OS, OS/400 and zLinux, VMware, JD Edwards, Cognos, JMS, Cisco UCS Manager, Hadoop, Map Reduce, Hive, Sqoop, HDFS, FTP/SFTP/FTPS, Web Services, and more ... Need to orchestrate complex workflows linking diverse apps and systems? We've automated it all.
Pre-Built Integrations
Tidal - Job Scheduling Platform

Cross-Platform Dependencies

Tidal makes it easy to schedule and accommodate multiple levels of dependencies and complex groupings. You can automate extremely complex job streams while scheduling them through a hierarchy of standard and custom-defined calendars and programmable events. So whether it's order processing, trading, payroll, data warehouse, healthcare, supply chain, business reports, claims processing, managed file transfers, or virtually any other business process requiring multiple systems working together – Tidal has you covered.
Platform Integration

Easy to Manage, Scale, and Optimize

“Easy to use” – Simplifies management via complete workload visibility (command-and-control), predictive analytics, environmental awareness, and automated error remediation.

“A new level of scalability” – You can support millions of jobs a day on a minimal number of servers. Separate architecture layers provide a stable, extensible framework, allowing Tidal to handle increasing workload challenges reliably. Tidal’s master focuses primarily on the business logic, management, and implementation of job schedules, while one or more client managers orchestrate user interactions. This n-tier architecture and the decoupling of core functions enable organizations to scale both up and out, allowing them to support a large number of concurrent users and jobs without degrading management or processing performance.

“Tidal just runs and runs” – Provides a common, structured, enterprise-wide approach to workflow orchestration with advanced High Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) functionality in a high-availability failover platform. Root cause determination and remediation help optimize SLAs.

“Alerts and informs what happened, when, where, and why” – Improves comprehensive auditing and tracking information in support of compliance with IT policies and procedures.

“Everywhere it needs to be” – Allows control of jobs and management functions from your smart phones and tablets .


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Quote StartWe create staging environments for our data warehouse initiatives. Tidal helps us keep track of all aspects of the process and schedules them in the correct sequence. We’ve largely been able to eliminate manual intervention. That’s a huge bonus. Quote End

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