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Orchestrate your complex IT workflows with our easy-to-use enterprise workload automation and job scheduling platform.
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Keep Your Workload Automation On Course

Welcome to Tidal Automation™ – the heart of the world’s leading integrated portfolio of workload automation solutions and services.

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The highly-scalable, highly-resilient Tidal Automation platform keeps your entire automation initiative on course, whether you’re automating foundational systems like ERP or orchestrating complex new opportunities in Big Data, IoT, AI, and more. It’s all about leveraging automation to help the enterprise meet its mission.

Tidal is an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use, scalable solution that provides a centralized, enterprise-wide interface for planning and controlling execution of business processes, applications, data, middleware, and infrastructure.

Tidal Automation’s rich job and calendaring capabilities enable you to plan and run schedule-based, event-based, and dependencies-based processes across multiple applications, systems, and sites. Our re-architected platform responds lightning-fast.

Schedules, Automates, and Manages Your Most Complex Workloads

Tidal Automation Calendar

Advanced Calendaring

So how advanced is the Tidal automation engine? A quick example: Tidal automatically calculates and adjusts jobs to the time zones across which your workflows are running. No need for manual intervention to make sure your complex cross-geography business processes run smoothly. Tidal handles these complex interdependencies and time zone sequences for you – seamlessly.

Download the Sell sheetDownload the Tidal Automation Brochure (PDF) for more information.

Business Views

Monitor the real-time status of processes at a glance with Business Views. With these graphical representations you can easily understand overall progress of a workflow and drill down into task-specific details. Kanban, PERT, Critical Path, Gantt and Radial views and other analytics allow you to choose the best way to access operational information you need:

Business Views Status Business Views Critical

Business Activity Tags

Build customized dynamic schedule views for the stakeholders and teams that rely on Tidal to manage their critical processes. Business Activity Tags allow you to filter and present job information to meet the specific needs of each group of users. Tags let you use your own classification approach, such as business structure, job lifecycle stage, data center, etc. Tags can be organized hierarchically, and you can even apply multiple tags to a single job.

SLA and Critical Jobs Tracking

Our service level management capability enables you to track status of critical jobs and performance against SLAs. You define the SLA policies for your critical jobs – then Tidal automates the monitoring of those jobs and issues alerts if the SLAs are at risk or have been missed, depending on the policy you set. Policies can include start and end times as well as “at risk” and “breach” windows of time for varying degrees of alerting or alarm. Use Business Activity Tags to identify the SLAs that are important to you and filter by jobs that have been tagged as critical.

Tidal Workload Automation MobileMobile Features and Flexibility

The Tidal Automation Mobile app for iPhone gives you on-the-fly management and control of the most common commands in your Tidal system. Our mobile management capabilities let you filter and view adapter and agent connections, jobs, alerts and events. You can easily manage override, hold-and-stop and release-and-resume commands as well as schedules, queues and logs.

10 Reasons Why Tidal Is Simply Better

Ease of Use

Tidal makes the complex simple, with complete command-and-control over all business processes and workloads in a friendly, intuitive interface that’s surprisingly easy to learn and use. Our browser-based and Java user interfaces support all aspects of time-based, event-based, and dependency-based automation – definition, management, and optimization – without the need for human intervention, customization of existing tools, or knowledge of new scripting languages. No scripting required – just deploy and run!  Learn more.

Single View

Tidal offers a centralized “single pane of glass” view into your entire business workload environment, across platforms, systems, applications, middleware, and databases. Visibility into the entire ecosystem and its complex cross-platform interdependencies help you design and optimize processes and workflows.


Tidal is extremely scalable, easily accommodating more, larger, and increasingly complex workloads without having to add more instances or costly new infrastructure (the additional hardware and ongoing maintenance typically required by other products). A single Tidal system can quickly scale to 1+ million jobs/day, managing thousands of connections and hundreds of concurrent users, with minimal additional cost. Tidal launches with a small footprint and then keeps it that way!


Tidal orchestrates all your cross-application, cross-platform workflows from legacy (foundational) challenges like ERP and ETL to emerging new technologies like IoT, Big Data, machine learning, and microservices. Learn more.


Looking to automate workloads across cloud, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments? No worries. We’ll maintain a precise, predictable, and reliable orchestration of the interdependencies between systems. You can spin environments up or down at will, knowing Tidal will keep it all running smoothly. Learn more.


Tidal provides advanced high-availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) capabilities that offer peace-of-mind even when a natural or other catastrophe strikes. Ours is a structured, rigorous, enterprise-wide approach to workflow orchestration. Tidal’s built-in root cause determination and remediation capabilities help ensure SLAs are met or exceeded. We reduce the risk of outages for your mission-critical business workflows – and help minimize impact if any do occur.


Tidal ensures detailed role-based security management through comprehensive LDAP and Active Directory integration. Security policies – and their controls – are tied to enterprise security management tools and processes. Tidal lets administrators easily control access to scheduling functions as desired. Learn more.


Out-of-the-box reporting features provide information into the enterprise-wide scheduling environment through in-depth historical data – information that quickly becomes insight for improving scheduling performance. Additionally, the Tidal APM Data Stream supports business analytics strategies. Learn more


With the optional Tidal Explorer™ optimization toolkit, you can leverage deep-dive diagnostics and visualizations to accelerate debugging, improve job designs, and gain unique views into the Tidal Master Server to help keep your Tidal environment sailing in peak condition. Check out the Explorer!

Tidal CustomerFIRST

Tidal CustomerFIRST™ embodies an attitude and a way of doing business that helps elevate your success and maximize the strategic value of your Tidal investment. It’s a unique, proven approach to workload automation that puts YOU at the center of the automation universe.  Learn more here.

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