Tidal Explorer Use Cases

Visualize and optimize performance of your Tidal Automation

Job Scheduling vs. Workload Automation: What's the Difference?

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Use Case #1: Get Big Picture Views

Graphic visualizations help you discover the complexities in your workload structures. Instantly see job structure hierarchies and dependency chains.

Easily identify Tidal jobs, triggers and node outages that directly or indirectly reference a revised calendar, and immediately understand the potential impact of a calendar change on your Tidal entities.

Monitor the high-level status of all your Tidal Masters via the Master Dashboard or drill through to study detailed data in dashboards specific to each Master. Identify opportunities for Master tuning by analyzing job throughput vs demand over time using powerful regression analysis.

Use Case #2: See What’s Changed

Quickly and accurately detect variations between schedule components and job structures with graphical views that map in-job structure and dependency chains. Facilitate database migrations with schema and full-table component comparisons between original and migrated Tidal instances. Expedite analysis, planning and communication of schedule changes and new schedule development. Build change plans using job hierarchy data and verify that all changes were executed according to plan.

Use Case #3: Analyze and Resolve

Fast-track job failure analysis and resolution with a streamlined diagnostic process. Compare job run outputs side-by-side, search job run instances using complex selection criteria and nominate instances for comparison. Automate and streamline search for any textual data in a Tidal database—control searches without custom code or searching manually.

Tidal Explorer’s diverse suite of standard reports encompasses its breadth of analytical and collection functions, providing unique insights that allow you to hone schedule design, operations and performance to improve results immediately and over time for long-term value.

Seeing is Believing!

The Tidal Explorer™ feature set is loaded with diagnostics, analytics, and eye-catching graphic visualizations to help improve your workload automation.

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