Tidal Explorer™ Optimization Toolkit

Extend and enrich the value of your Tidal workload automation environment.

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Keep Your Workload Automation on the Perfect Course

Welcome Tidal Explorer™, an optional optimization toolkit for advanced users of the industry-leading Tidal Automation™ platform. With Tidal Explorer, you can leverage powerful analytics and graphic visualizations to improve job designs, accelerate debugging, and gain important insights into the performance of the Tidal Master Server.

The software collects and reports data in graphical representations to facilitate analysis and identification of conditions that can affect the optimal processing of high-volume, complex workloads:

Specifically designed for advanced users, the toolkit’s powerful features can enhance your ability to optimize schedules by illuminating the complexities of workload design structures, schedule performance, and job stream interdependencies.

The bottom line? You can achieve better workload automation for better business output and overall value delivered to the enterprise.

The Tidal Explorer Advantage

Diagnose and resolve faster

Leverage deep-dive analytics and visualizations to illuminate design structures, including redundancies and inconsistencies in your design structure that might cause jobs to slow down or potentially fail. Quickly diagnose and resolve issues.

Design better job streams across multiple Tidal instances

Expose schedule structures, hierarchies, and dependencies within and between multiple Tidal instances, enabling you to predict and maneuver around potential points of conflict to create better designs in complex environments.

Fuel continuous improvement

Unique views into your Tidal Master Server allow you to quickly assess status, compare histories, track trends, and identify undercurrents to address. Keep your Tidal environment sailing in peak condition.

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