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Enterprise automation is a journey that bridges the present and the future, leveraging legacy IT while embracing new cloud, multi-cloud and emerging technology. Our workload automation portfolio optimizes mission-critical business processes and drives IT cost efficiencies. The core products are:

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Orchestrate your complex IT workflows Automate
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Optimize your workload automation activities Optimize
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Centralize management of all Tidal schedules Manage

15 Signs You Might Need Workload Automation

How do you know if you need the advanced capabilities of a workload automation solution? These 15 signs indicate when it may be time to consider a new solution for job scheduling.
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15 Signs You Need Workload Automation

What's YOUR automation story?


Your team needs to be able to integrate new business processes without impacting existing revenue streams or operations. Eroding business performance cannot be tolerated, Fortunately, Tidal can help ensure smooth ongoing operations of your core systems while exploiting new opportunities in Big Data, IoT, and more. Tidal accommodates both present and future business requirements – what the mission demands.


Improving your ROI requires a smarter use of fewer resources to accomplish more. You need to economically scale IT resources up and down to meet ever-changing capacity demands. And you need to explore opportunities where IT can help drive new business models and revenue sources – IT as a growth center. Tidal can help you in all of these challenges.

CIO / VP of IT

You’re managing the inevitable evolution from on-prem to a combination of on-prem, cloud, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. You won’t be using just one cloud – you’ll be using many. This is Tidal’s sweet spot. We can help you orchestrate your workflows on Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft, or whatever cloud engagements you prefer. Doesn’t matter to us where you want to run – we’re happy to support it.

Business Manager

Too much is at stake for a fragmented, disjointed, or disconnected view into what’s going on and why. You need to see, manage, update, and optimize business processes – and the workflows they necessitate – with 100% confidence. Total visibility into all enterprise-wide processes from single Tidal interface with no custom coding or scripting required – this is the “command and control” you’ve been looking for.

IT Manager / Data Center Operations

You need rapid prototyping and go-to-market for new workflows that typically involve complex interdependencies between multiple platforms, applications, middleware, and systems. Tidal’s common, structured enterprise-wide approach to workflow orchestration can help de-risk the operation and help you meet or exceed your SLAs.

Development Team

Your developers are under relentless pressure to deliver against aggressive timelines. They need rapid prototyping of new workflows to help get new business processes to market fast. Advantage: Tidal. Our friendly interface allows rapid workflow development with no customized scripting required and dozens of pre-built integrations ready to go.

Job Scheduling vs. Workload Automation

Whether you’re just learning about Workload Automation or keeping up with what’s new, this short ebook will help you sort out the differences.
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