Tidal Premium Support Services

We'll keep your automation solution performing at its best. Because your enterprise deserves nothing less.
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EMA Radar Report for Workload Automation

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Automation Is Who We Are

Workload automation is our sole passion and core competency – and has been for 35+ years. With Tidal, you won’t have to face the risks inherent with inexperienced or ill-equipped providers. Nor will you have to worry about the lack of focus associated with vendors who treat automation an add-on business.

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Why Choose Premium Support?

We understand what’s on the line

A great workload automation solution requires more than great technology – it requires a great support process.

Our support team

Tidal is the enterprise workload automation solution of choice for hundreds of companies worldwide. The Tidal team provides comprehensive resources and accelerated escalation to keep your environment performing at its best.

We put you FIRST

Tidal Premium Support Services are part of the Tidal CustomerFIRST™ program – our commitment to make each customer’s experience with Tidal the best it can be, based on YOUR expectations, not ours.

10 Ways Tidal Support Gives You More