OS/400 iSeries Adapter

Pre-built systems OS/400 iSeries Adapter from Tidal

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Adapter Overview

Mainframe Business Processing in a Distributed Environment

Managing application processes within OS/400 mainframe environments is mission-critical even in many modern enterprise business process infrastructures. These environments can also include growing numbers of applications running on a wide range of distributed servers. Integrating, automating, and managing business- critical applications in such environments can be difficult, expensive, and time consuming. Tidal Workload Automation Adapter for OS/400, combined with Workload Automation, is a proven and scalable solution that excels in making complex workflow processing infrastructures simpler to manage.

The Power to Expand and Automate OS/400 Workflows

The investment in enterprise-wide applications requires a comprehensive job scheduling solution to meet the challenge of managing complex workflows across heterogeneous environments, which include the OS/400 platform. Using Tidal Workload Automation Adapter for OS/400, IT operations staff can bring script-free, job automation functionality to the IBM OS/400 environment and expand its capabilities through the use of exception -based management, fault tolerance, and enterprise-wide ERP integration—features that most OS/400 job schedulers do not offer.

Using Tidal Workload Automation Adapter for OS/400, batch jobs, job dependencies, and file events can be defined, launched, monitored, and controlled without modifying existing OS/400 jobs or job definitions. This non- invasive adapter also enables dependencies from other systems to be combined with existing OS/400 applications or schedules.

This adapter, combined with Workload Automation, offers an easy-to-use, single point of control for monitoring and interacting with OS/400 jobs and the flexibility to integrate those jobs into enterprise business workflows that involve applications on other ERP platforms, such as SAP, PeopleSoft, and Oracle. Cross-platform, cross- application dependencies, variables, and exceptions can be embedded into event- or time-based jobs or attached to native OS/400 jobs managed within Workload Automation. The result is greater productivity and reliability and reduced implementation and operations costs.

Protecting an Investment in OS/400

As the needs of the enterprise expand, the OS/400 platform must be able to integrate its business process data with other systems and applications. This requires a comprehensive solution to meet the challenge of application automation across heterogeneous environments. Most mainframe environments are the hub of IT operations, and the investment in this infrastructure is a substantial part of the overall computing budget.

Workload Automation, combined with the OS/400 adapter, allows IT managers to leverage their investment in the mainframe infrastructure by expanding its processing power across the entire enterprise.

Furthermore, IT organizations can no longer afford to manage data processing among these applications manually, especially in the face of increased business demands for efficiency and competitive advantage. By automating internal batch jobs, distributed workflows, business intelligence reporting, and sophisticated alerts management, efficiencies are realized and complex services are executed faster with minimal down time.

Because of these imperatives, many organizations have turned to Workload Automation to fill the gap between the OS/400 platform and their Windows, UNIX, Linux, OVMS, and z/OS environments, as well as to increase the manageability of their OS/400 environment.

Features Summary

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