HP Operations Manager Adapter

Pre-built platform HP Operations Manager Adapter from Tidal

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Adapter Overview

Consolidating Business Process Execution and Event Management Business process automation has evolved from managing routinely scheduled batch jobs to handling continuous mission-critical workflows that encompass cross-platform, cross-application processes. IT operations staff is under constant pressure to deliver highly complex services with constrained budgets and resources. Given this scenario, dealing with application problems and other infrastructure issues, managing resource availability, and monitoring the performance of important data center processes have become mission-critical.

To strengthen its ability to manage data center operations, Tidal Workload Automation Adapter for HP Operations Manager extends the functionality of HP Operations Manager tools that monitor and maintain IT services. Working with the adapter, Workload Automation delivers complex dependency- and schedule-driven workflow status information to HP Operations Manager. Together, they function as one continuous events-and- workflow-management system.

Accessed through the HP Operations Manager console, Workload Automation delivers sophisticated benefits that include workflow automation, uptime reliability, n-tier scalability, and advanced error notification. These increase IT management’s confidence in its ability to adhere to service-level agreements (SLAs).

Two-Way Communication in One Solution

Tidal Workload Automation Adapter for HP Operations Manager provides two-way communications between the HP Operations Manager console and Workload Automation, using the HP native messaging protocol (opcmsg). The adapter delivers Workload Automation environmental information to the HP Operations Manager console and allows administrators to control Workload Automation job functions. To streamline integrating Workload Automation and HP Operations Manager, the following components are provided with the adapter:

●    Application templates for accepting messages sent by Workload Automation

●    Message, monitor, and action templates

●    Templates for monitoring Workload Automation services

Features and Benefits

This adapter makes it simpler for users to manage enterprise scheduling through HP Operations Manager. The adapter also simplifies the integration of Workload Automation into HP Operations Manager, making it possible to view scheduling within the management framework. HP Operations Manager users can leverage Tidal Workload Automation Adapter for HP Operations Manager to help them streamline the management of their broader environment.

The adapter offers the following capabilities:

Advanced Events Management – When an abnormality, such as a job that runs too long, occurs in the Workload Automation environment, job process information, including log files, is delivered to the HP Operations Manager console. When exceptions or abnormal events take place, the pre-programmed Workload Automation job definition notifies the HP Operations Manager console of the condition. An operator can then create custom messages and severity levels that can be associated with specific application jobs and conditions. Supported severity levels include critical, major, minor, warning, normal, and unknown. In addition, messages generated by Workload Automation and displayed in the HP Operations Manager console are annotated and include help text.

Automated Response Initiation for Priority Events – For all jobs, especially those of the highest priority, custom messages and recovery actions can be configured from the HP Operations Manager console. Some of the messages provided by Workload Automation have embedded actions associated with them. Clicking “Perform Action” in the HP Operations Manager console sets them in motion.

To strengthen processing throughput and accelerate events resolution, ad hoc and user-initiated actions can also be saved and reconfigured to become automated HP Operations Manager tasks. These pre-programmed actions can be grouped and linked, creating a cascade of diagnostic or recovery tasks that pinpoint the root cause of a workflow problem.

Job Control from HP Operations Manager – The integration of Workload Automation and HP Operations Manager enables IT operations staff to control jobs scheduling from the HP OM console. An administrator can start or restart Workload Automation jobs, stop and start agents, and perform other workflow automation functions from HP Operations Manager. These functions can be performed manually or incorporated into the earlier-discussed events management solutions. Events can be prioritized, issues can be diagnosed, and jobs can be restarted or terminated—automatically.

Centralized Point of Control – Linking Workload Automation workflow information, alerts, automated error remediation, and job process controls to this industry-leading event management framework gives IT operations staff unprecedented visibility and control over the enterprise-wide job processing environment, saving time through increased efficiency and delivering to service levels by significantly reducing mean time to resolution (MTTR).

Tidal Workload Automation Adapter for HP Operations Manager helps organizations to streamline operations by providing new ways in which to increase automation, visibility, and control over processes. As a result, these organizations can focus valuable IT resources on strategic tasks and initiatives rather than job scheduling activities.

Features Summary

Benefits Summary