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Pre-built ERP PeopleSoft Adapter from Tidal

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Adapter Overview

Workflow scheduling complexity and cross-application functionality are major challenges facing IT operations professionals today. The native PeopleSoft Process Scheduler has limited or no processing or monitoring support for other enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, web services, or extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes when a PeopleSoft instance does not exist on a target resource. Fortunately, there is a way to integrate PeopleSoft with other applications, services, and processes through an enterprise-wide, heterogeneous automation product that expands and leverages existing PeopleSoft workflow functionality.

Bringing Automation Power to PeopleSoft Applications

Tidal Workload Automation Adapter for PeopleSoft brings a highly scalable, cross-application, workflow automation solution to the PeopleSoft ERP platform. PeopleSoft jobs can now be part of larger business process workflows that are managed from a single console. Users can extend the productivity gains of the PeopleSoft scheduling environment by setting dependencies to and from other programs, including Oracle, SAP, or custom Java applications.

The integration of PeopleSoft processes using the adapter leverages the investment in both products, because training and staff can be minimized and enterprise-wide application automation and management can be consolidated under one solution to deliver better security, productivity, and higher service level performance.

Tidal Workload Automation Adapter for PeopleSoft Functionality

Changes within the PeopleSoft environment are not required, and it is not necessary to install extra routines when implementing the adapter. Tidal Workload Automation Adapter for PeopleSoft can be installed on the same system as Workload Automation and be directly connected to the PeopleSoft Process Scheduler. Users can begin scheduling PeopleSoft jobs in a matter of minutes, because a simple connection dialog box enables the adapter to recognize those jobs and their status.

Workload Automation can define complex dependences among data from external applications, results files, or a PeopleSoft process from a different instance when running business intelligence reports such as PeopleSoft SQR Reports, PSnVision, or Cobol SQL.

Workload Automation and PeopleSoft work as an integrated solution. Users of other ERP solutions can manage PeopleSoft processes and run PeopleSoft Process Scheduler using the same Workload Automation console interface. Workload Automation provides a way to connect PeopleSoft applications with cross-platform, cross- application, enterprise-wide workflow processing.

Features and Benefits

This adapter bridges the gap between a data center’s PeopleSoft applications and its other ERP environments, and it increases the manageability of the PeopleSoft environment.

The following discussion provides more detailed descriptions of core features that deliver high-level business benefits, as well as many day-to-day usability-related benefits:

Batch and On Demand Processing – The adapter is designed to accommodate batch and on demand job processing for PeopleSoft applications, providing comprehensive support for the traditional date and time scheduling model, as well as complex event- and dependency-based processing.

IT Policy Alignment – Each job group can contain several job definitions that enable detailed control and error recovery procedures. These procedures make it possible for IT staff to follow documented best practices consistently. Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) processes in the areas of request fulfillment, incident management, and change management can be supported, with interfaces and integration techniques available for a range of ITIL-oriented operations environments.

Event-Driven Processing – In addition to time- and date-based scheduling, the adapter can dynamically introduce jobs—and entire business processes—into most computing environments when triggered by business events from a wide range of application adapters and platform-supported agents.

Flexible Monitoring and Alerting – Tidal Workload Automation Adapter for PeopleSoft allows users to view and manage real-time alerts within the scheduling system. Alerts can be automatically sent to email-enabled devices for anytime, anywhere status connectivity and can be configured to initiate process recovery steps. Automated actions are extensive and can be easily defined. These actions include sending an email message to the appropriate owner, generating a message to the central console, or triggering an incident to an IT support technician via the appropriate ITIL-oriented operations systems.

Robust Security and Audit Capabilities – Security policy—and changes to it— are tied to enterprise security management tools and processes. For example, access can be controlled in the areas of scheduling functionality as a whole or tied to specific jobs, events, or actions. Access can also be linked to an individual user or a workgroup.

Feature Summary

Benefits Summary