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Pre-built database Oracle DB Adapter from Tidal

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Adapter Overview

Tidal Workload Automation Adapter for Oracle Database provides job automation for mission-critical Oracle9i, 10g, and 11g databases. It’s tightly integrated with Workload Automation to bring the automation, manageability, and reliability of a premier enterprise automation and management solution to this leading enterprise database platform. Tidal Workload Automation Adapter for Oracle Database maximizes throughput and minimize the time consumed by Oracle database jobs driven from within Oracle itself or from data that comes from other parts of an enterprise.

Tidal Workload Automation Adapter for Oracle Database enables users to schedule PL/SQL commands, Oracle database jobs, and stored procedures. In addition, the adapter can be used to pre-process and translate data generated by an Oracle application or module before data is processed by another Oracle application.

With Tidal Workload Automation, Oracle jobs can be integrated into larger, enterprise-wide workflows that are managed from within a single pane of glass. Dependencies within database workflows can now encompass events from all of other business-critical applications. As a result, data and application management can be automated and consolidated under one solution, reducing staff effort and expense while increasing productivity.

How Tidal Workload Automation Adapter for Oracle Database Works

Tidal Workload Automation Adapter for Oracle Database provides customizable options to meet special schema requirements. No scripting, manual intervention, or changes to an Oracle database or configuration parameters are needed. Once the adapter is configured, users can define and maintain the details of Oracle jobs and scheduled tasks—even launching and monitoring jobs already created within the Oracle scheduler— from within Workload Automation.

The full functionality of this heterogeneous automation solution is now available to the Oracle database, offering functions, such as extensive alerts on job abnormalities, unavailable resources, real-time status information, load balancing, and the ability to interact with current and future jobs.

Features and Benefits

Because this adapter adds the ability to control Oracle jobs to Workload Automation, its feature set is accessed from the Workload Automation interface. Oracle job automation-related capabilities and advantages delivered through Tidal Workload Automation Adapter for Oracle Database provide richer, more advanced automation and management functions than Oracle’s native toolset due to the following capabilities and advantages:

Flexible Oracle Job Definition Options – Within Workload Automation, users can define and run Oracle database jobs in two different ways. They can specify PL/SQL statements as job parameters and load them into job definitions—a capability not available through Oracle Enterprise Manager—which is helpful in generating reports. They can also load and run jobs by selecting ones that already exist in Oracle Enterprise Manager.

Tidal Workload Automation Adapter for Oracle Database also offers an option to run a set of defined SQL statements against data to allow users to pre-select or modify data prior to executing a job. In addition, Workload Automation offers different ways to display job output, including aligned columns and XML options.

Figure 10. Tidal Workload Automation offers a pre-processing SQL option to execute SQL code that should run before a job is activated.

Oracle Database

Simpler Approach to Defining and Running Oracle Database Events – Tidal Workload Automation Adapter for Oracle Database makes processing events simple. Granular Oracle database events can be captured and can respond to events, such as table modification, index creation, or database row activity. The complete range of Workload Automation actions also enables any database event to drive the workflow that transforms business processes into administrative action—efficiently and automatically. As part of an integrated events management system, Workload Automation makes it possible to view all runtime database events, which supports the creation of event-based job dependencies quickly and efficiently.

Users can easily pass variables from Tidal Workload Automation to an Oracle database job. With this capability, they can automatically initiate an Oracle job based on an external event, such as the arrival of a file from a trading partner or changes in a table from within another data store.

Workload Automation combined with Tidal Workload Automation Adapter for Oracle Database helps to deliver maximum job throughput, minimum processing time, and rock-solid reliability for an Oracle-centric workload— without the need to create cumbersome scripts. This powerful duo accomplishes these objectives by providing a single integrated enterprise job schedule solution that balances the service requirements of all batch workloads, whether they were created from within Oracle or exist in support of other applications within the enterprise.

Feature Summary

The following Oracle-specific features make the power of this scheduling solution easily accessible to Oracle users and enable them to quickly become productive:

The most obvious benefit of this scheduling solution is that it improves overall IT efficiency by enabling organizations to adopt a single enterprise scheduling solution. Oracle database customers can confidently standardize on this scheduling solution because it makes it possible for them to: