MSFT SQL Server Adapter

Pre-built database MSFT SQL Server Adapter from Tidal

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Adapter Overview

Adding SQL Server Processes into Tidal Workload Automation Workflows

When businesses require an enterprise-wide, heterogeneous automated job scheduling solution that incorporates SQL Server workflows, Workload Automation, combined with Tidal Workload Automation Adapter for Microsoft SQL Server, is the right choice. This powerful combination brings the reliability and flexibility of Tidal’s Workload Automation enterprise workflow automation solution to this industry-standard database.

The adapter enables scheduling automation of new or existing SQL Server database job or job steps to be added to an enterprise-wide scheduling environment. SQL Server jobs can now be integrated into a larger business process workflow environment managed through a single pane of glass. Database dependencies that affect job steps can now be managed across the entire enterprise, and IT staff can quickly and easily pass variables to and from SQL Server database jobs. As a result, application and database automation and management can be consolidated in one solution, reducing staff effort and expense, while increasing productivity.

How Tidal Workload Automation Adapter for SQL Server Works

The adapter offers advanced scheduling and monitoring capabilities without scripting, manual intervention, or changes to SQL Server configuration parameters. Once the adapter is configured, SQL Server jobs are defined and maintained through the Workload Automation web user interface. This heterogeneous automation solution provides detailed control of SQL Server jobs through extensive alerts about job abnormalities, resource availability, load balancing, and machine functions. It also provides real-time status information from a single console and gives IT operations staff the ability to interact with current and future jobs.

Features and Benefits

The adapter allows SQL Server jobs to be handled through the Tidal Workload Automation user interface. Users can access SQL Server job information and build workflows through a visual interface that allows them to define dependencies among SQL Server jobs alone or SQL Server jobs and jobs running on other systems and applications

Important scheduling capabilities for SQL Server users include:

The adapter can easily pass variables from Tidal Workload Automation to any SQL Server database job, pass job information across the entire batch job scheduling environment, and pass completed SQL Server jobs to other downstream workflow operations, such as extract, transform, and load (ETL) report creation. In addition, specific events—the arrival of a file from a trading partner, for example—can be used to initiate a new SQL Server action or job step automatically. Users can also assign alert actions to an event, making it possible for administrators to know when that event has been triggered. Users can assign alerts to the database user who triggered an event, the database object that triggered it, and the output of the event selected.

Features Summary

Benefits Summary

Tidal Workload Automation Adapter for Microsoft SQL Server helps IT staff deliver maximum database job throughput, rock-solid reliability, and comprehensive coordination of database activities as part of an enterprise- wide business process automation solution. This powerful solution accomplishes these objectives by providing a single integrated enterprise job scheduler that balances the service requirements of batch or on demand workloads, whether they were created from within SQL Server or exist in support of other applications and technologies across the enterprise.