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2020 Fall Launch of Enhancements for the Tidal Portfolio

In keeping with our three per year release cycle, we’re excited to share our 2020 Fall launch which brings new features and functionality to the Tidal product portfolio. Download the announcement (PDF) or read about some key highlights of the launch below.

Tidal Automation v6.5.6

Tidal Repository 1.2

We continue to invest in Tidal Repository as a key tool for centralized management of workload automation schedules and calendars. Enhancements in this version of the Repository include:

Tidal Explorer 3.0.4

Explorer provides deep-dive diagnostics and visualizations of the Tidal environment so users can optimize resources, operational performance and service levels. This release includes improved calendar views that enable users to see complexities in calendars to determine if there are improvements that can be made. More about Tidal Explorer.


Tidal offers a comprehensive suite of ready-to-run integrations and we continue to add adapters to support critical enterprise applications. Tidal Automation Adapters take control of embedded schedulers within applications so that those activities can be integrated into overall business processes – and users can leverage more robust scheduling functionality in the Tidal platform than what is available in embedded schedulers.

This Fall 2020 Launch includes new Tidal Automation Adapters for:

The following Tidal Automation Adapters have been refreshed for compatibility and additional functionality:

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