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Our unmatched customer-centric approach where your success comes first.
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EMA Radar Report for Workload Automation

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Your Success Is Our Priority

Tidal CustomerFIRST embodies an attitude and a way of doing business that elevates your success and the strategic value of your Tidal investment. As a Tidal customer, you get direct access 24×7 to our support engineers – no delays or runarounds. You also get direct access to our leadership team and influence over product development decisions so we can build automation solutions that work for you. And there’s no charge for upgrades, ever. CustomerFIRST is our commitment to make each customer’s experience with Tidal the best it can be based on your needs and expectations, not ours.

What is CustomerFIRST?

An integrated portfolio of workload automation solutions and services that puts you at the center.

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Customer First

An Automation Solution That's Simply Better

Automation is what we are and all we've ever been. The deep workload automation expertise of our leadership and staff, and recognition that your success is our success make it natural to put your needs and expectations first.
35+ years of leadership