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Move to a Modern Alternative for AutoSys

Sometimes, maintaining the status quo is more painful than the thought of migrating. Tidal offers a seamless migration path to our modern workload automation solution.
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A Modern Approach to Workload Automation



Partner for the long-term

With 100% focus on workload automation, we are firmly committed to a long-term partnership with our customers. You can rest assured that you have a future-proof relationship and solution.


Leverage continuous innovation

We significantly invest in development so that we are continuously innovating our solutions. We issue product releases three times a year with new features and functionality based on customer input.


Get the support you deserve

Our customer-centric approach means that we strive to deliver an unmatched customer experience and technical support. You get direct access to Level 2 support engineers for production issues 24/7/365.


Expect flexible & transparent pricing

We offer straightforward licensing with clear, predictable costs for Tidal environments, integrations and support. Our no-nonsense transparency means there are no surprises with pricing.

Migrate Quickly and Easily

Our comprehensive conversion methodology – including a powerful conversion utility – streamlines the process for moving your schedules to Tidal with a high level of accuracy and minimal manual effort. You can be up and running in days, not weeks. Let us show you how painless it can be.
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Get More With Tidal

More Pre-Built, Ready-to-Run Integrations

Our comprehensive library of ready-to-run adapters and agents connects Tidal to today’s prominent business applications–and with our continuous development, we are adding more all the time. You can integrate Tidal with virtually any system, middleware or application without scripting or custom development. When needed, developers can use our Web Services adapter, CLI or SSH interface to build custom integrations easily. And with REST and SOAP APIs, Tidal’s full functionality can be embedded directly into your other applications.

More Robust Calendar & Scheduling Functionality

Tap into advanced calendar and scheduling functionality with both time-based and event-based scheduling. For time-based scheduled, calendars are pre-configured with global workdays, holidays and time changes. Dozens of the most common calendars and fiscal calendars are available out-of-the box. Users can also define their own calendars for any cyclicality. With event-based scheduling, you can dynamically schedule jobs based on specific job triggers such as file arrivals and changes, database changes, email and other events.

More Support for Cloud Environments

Tidal can orchestrate your workloads on-premises as well as in cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid environments. Our ability to support Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Google Cloud, private clouds and more means that you can use whatever environment you want, in any combination you choose.

More Capacity With Less Infrastructure

With a very small footprint comprised of just a handful of servers, a single instance of Tidal scales to more than a million daily jobs and manages thousands of connected systems and hundreds of users. Our separate architecture layers provide a stable, extensible framework allowing Tidal to handle increasing workload challenges reliably without costly add-in infrastructure required by other solutions.

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Extra Technology – Our Expert Partner for Migrations

Extra Technology is a leader in automation solutions and expertise. They bring a proven track record in driving large-scale automation implementations, product migrations and vendor replacements. They will be your trusted advisor and provide exceptional support throughout your migration effort.

See What Our Customers Have to Say About Tidal

Excerpts from customer reviews on IT Central Station.

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“We went from AutoSys to Tidal. We switched because of CA’s expensive licensing. They were also behind the curve.”

Automation Manager at a financial services firm
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“We have integrations running on multiple platforms. That is a valuable feature that Tidal provides compared to other schedulers.”

Moses Gujjarlapudi, Tidal Administrator at Devon Energy
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“It is a pretty affordable scheduler that lets us do a lot. The licensing model is hugely flexible.”

Emmett Wagle, Sr. System Engineer at a financial services firm
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“It’s pretty easy to understand and learn…It takes less than half a day to onboard new administrators.”

Diane Miller, IT Vendor Manager at a manufacturing company
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“Technical support is great. They’re fantastic.”

Shahaan Dalal, Production Control Engineer at a healthcare company
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“I rate Tidal at eight out of 10, because everybody else in the industry is about a five.”

Jon Fredrickson, JDE Manager at Oshkosh

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