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Announcing the new Tidal Automation 6.5.1, Toolkit, Support Services and Rhimat Acquisition

Charting New Directions in Workload Automation

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CHICAGO, IL — July 10, 2019 —  Tidal Software, a leading provider of enterprise automation for on-premise, cloud, and multi-cloud environments, has elevated the strategic value of job scheduling and enterprise workload automation. Today we announced a series of breakthroughs to help organizations optimize their business output from mission-critical processes such as ERP and Big Data, propelling workload automation to a new level of usability and relevance in the enterprise.

“The Tidal team is plugged into customer needs and is delivering important new workload automation capabilities and options at a remarkable pace,” said Dan Twing, Analyst, President, and COO of Colorado-based research firm Enterprise Management Associates (EMA). “Tidal is in a resurgent period of innovation thanks to the significant investments in research and development by Dillon Kane Group, which purchased the automation platform from Cisco in November 2017. Tidal is assertively extending its legacy of leadership in workload automation.”

New Products and Services

Tidal Automation™ Release 6.5.1

The latest release of Tidal’s best-in-class workload automation platform includes game-changing improvements in client-manager architecture, usability, installation, security, and resilience to handle today’s complex cross-application, cross-platform workflows. Learn more about this solution.

Tidal Explorer™ optimization toolkit

The Tidal Explorer™toolkit provides advanced users of the Tidal Automation™ platform with deep-dive diagnostics and visualizations to improve job designs, reduce risks, and navigate to higher automation performance. Learn more.

Tidal Premium Support

Tidal CustomerFIRST™embraces a unique approach to workload automation that emphasizes customer partnerships and includes a newly-expanded selection of plans and coverage. Customers can connect directly with a trained Level 2 support engineer around the clock – no delays or runarounds. Learn more.

Rhimat Acquisition

Tidal is proud to announce the acquisition of UK-based Rhimat Software Ltd, a popular analysis, visualization, and change management tool for the Tidal Automation™ platform. Rhimat’s Schedule Insight product forms the foundation of a new wave of analytics and reporting capabilities for Tidal. This new wave starts with Tidal Explorer™ and includes a forward roadmap with new analytics products to be announced in the months ahead.

An Integrated Suite of Solutions and Services

“Tidal is broadening the value and strategic relevance of workload automation in a world that never stops changing,” said Rick McNees, Tidal CEO. “Our integrated suite of solutions and services provides a bridge from the present to the future – a direct reflection of what our customers tell us they need and want in an automation provider. Whether the enterprise is managing legacy environments like ERP, leveraging emerging technologies like IoT, migrating to multi-cloud operations, or all of the above, Tidal offers more choice for users. Our mission is to meet their needs and expectations, not ours.”

Tidal is a leading single-pane-of-glass solution to help schedule, automate, and orchestrate business processes, applications, data, middleware, and infrastructure across the enterprise. In honor of its 40-year history as an automation innovator, the company has changed its name back to Tidal Software. “Changing our name is about linking the past to the future,” said McNees. “Going back to our former name is a statement about our continued leadership and singular focus as an independent, pure-play automation expert.”