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A long-standing tradition of excellence in workload automation.
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Decades of Experience With 100% Focus on Workload Automation

Tidal Software is a leading provider of enterprise workload automation solutions that orchestrate the execution of complex workflows across systems, applications and IT environments. With a comprehensive portfolio of products and services, Tidal optimizes mission-critical business processes, increases IT cost efficiencies and satisfies legal and regulatory compliance requirements.

Hundreds of customers around the world count on Tidal for modernizing their workload automation and driving their digital transformation.

Tidal History at a Glance

Tidal Timeline

Our rich legacy of workload automation expertise began in 1979 and continues to advance with new innovations and a growing customer base.


Operation Control System Inc. was founded in Palo Alto, CA and subsequently launched the SysAdmiral job scheduler.


The company was renamed as Tidal Software and the product was named Tidal Enterprise Scheduler.


Cisco acquired Tidal Software. The Tidal platform was rebranded as Cisco Workload Automation and incorporated into Cisco’s broad IT portfolio for their global enterprise customers.


Dillon Kane Group (DKG) acquired Tidal Software from Cisco to revitalize the technology and business. Since the acquisition, DKG has invested heavily in driving innovative products and services to serve Tidal customers. As a result, Tidal Software has recaptured its position as a leader in workload automation and largely operates as an independent software vendor.